Classes for Non-Professionals

Dr. Lemare-Calaba and her staff conduct regular classes for adults and/or teenagers on a variety of topics. Attendees are encouraged to gather a group or friends or family together and request a topic of their preference.

  • Class Size: 3 -8 people
  • Teaching Method: Discussion, Examples, Role Play, Demonstration, Videos
  • Scheduling: Scheduled upon request; usually Saturdays 1-4pm
  • Fee: $150 per student; family rate available
  • Registration: email Dr. Lemare-Calaba for inquiries and registration

Some of the most popular classes are:

Self Help Topics

What are Boundaries and How Do I Communicate Them?

Includes topics about self-protection, assertion, codependency, limit setting, communication skill and handling difficult individuals (e.g., boss, family member, ex.)

Taming the Nervous System (Yours and other people's)

Teaches how to regulate yourself and others after getting emotionally triggered. Includes anger outbursts, triggering of trauma reactions, defensive responding, conflict dynamics, emotional meltdowns and identifying strategies of resolution, healing and repair

General Topics

Using the Principles of Overtone Resonance to Create a Satisfying Home or Work Environment

Explores the principles of harmonic resonance and sacred geometry.  Addresses the impact of room structure, sounds, timing of routines, rhythms of behavior and emotional interactions of people in your home or office.

Musical Principles for Stimulating Your Child’s Creativity and Learning

Helps parents identify ways to harness their child’s natural rhythm and tonal expression to mirror, validate, stimulate and reinforce their child’s growth and creativity.

Constructing Sound Proof and/or Frequency Shielded Rooms for Maximum Resonance, Meditation, or Environmentally Sensitive People

Introduces the concept of “quiet” from external frequency intrusion.  Explores history, potential applications, cost and construction design.

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