Consultation with Dr. Lemare-Calaba

Sometimes clients are uncertain about their own needs or the needs of a loved one. They have considered many options but may be confused about how to proceed. When this occurs, Dr. Lemare-Calaba offers a consultation session in which treatment options can be discussed and explored.

For example, “Our son is having trouble in school and friends and family have suggested many different approaches and ideas. We aren’t sure what the problem is. Does he have attention deficit disorder? Are there learning issues? Why is he oppositional? Should we try medication? What steps should we take to solve this problem before it gets out of hand?”

Dr. Lemare-Calaba asks clients to bring any previous records or test results to the consultation session. Sometimes additional testing might be recommended in order to clarify issues. The goal of consultation is to optimize the timing and effectiveness of intervention by identifying concerns, exploring options and prioritizing steps for evaluation and treatment.