Library of Musical Overtone Sounds for Piano

The Library of Musical Overtone Sounds for Piano is a collection of acoustic piano tones that can be used to supplement existing auditory feedback software.

In order to create an experience of natural acoustic sound, each tone has been professionally recorded to capture a maximum amount of overtone resonance.  Acoustic tones have been chosen because they generate spectral ratios of the harmonic series and create a higher capacity for the auditory system to detect change (Golumbic, 2007.)

The collection is organized by note name so that custom protocols can be designed and preferences can be chosen from a menu.   For instance, the note A has options for:  a) short tones;  b) long resonant tones;  c) notes in different octaves;  d) notes in overtone ratios of the fundamental;  e) intervals and chords;  and f) tone sequences (e.g., overtone series and circle of fifths.)

The Library comes with a musical intake, a user manual and clinical suggestions.

The Library of Musical Overtone Sounds can be purchased for $199.00 from: