Musical Overtone Feedback

What is Musical Overtone Feedback?

Musical Overtone Feedback is a method of auditory reinforcement founded by Dr. Lemare-Calaba for use in Neurofeedback training. It is based on her dissertation about psychotherapy and the physics of sound, and upon current scientific research on the cellular interactions between sound and neurons.

How Does Musical Overtone Feedback Work?

Musical Overtone Feedback integrates the principles of music with brainwave training. Tones are chosen by assessing brainwave frequencies with a QEEG Brain Map (QEEG Brain Mapping), and then matching pitch frequencies that are mathematically in harmonic ratios with the brain frequencies being trained.

When the client produces a brainwave state that is compatible with the therapeutic goal, a musical overtone sound is simultaneously heard that reinforces the experience of success. This way, music and brainwaves can work together to enhance the brain’s ability to learn.

Musical overtone sounds and brainwave protocols increase in complexity as developmental milestones of brainwave coordination are achieved.

Can I Get Musical Overtone Sounds for My Own Use?

The complete Library of Musical Overtone Sounds for piano with an accompanying manual can be purchased on the Purchase and Download Sounds page.  Click here to purchase.