Parenting and Family Therapy

Many families feel overwhelmed by the stress of today’s society and request guidance regarding the challenging situations in their lives.

Dr. Lemare-Calaba helps parents, children, adolescents and extended family members clarify their needs and apply their energy productively to problems.

Family therapy can involve different combinations of family members. Sometimes parents or children are seen separately and then together in twosomes or groups. Family sessions can be very beneficial for observing interactions among members and changing patterns within the system.

Biofeedback sessions in which family members are connected to sensors that measure the reactivity of their nervous systems can be informative and stimulating. When sessions are conducted with biofeedback information being shared, each individual experiences the impact of their words on other family members (and vice versa.)

Because the office space also includes a piano and various play therapy instruments, children’s musical story telling sessions are also available in which the child acts out a story and the parents accompany the narrative with instruments as back up accompaniment. The purpose of this exercise is to facilitate the child’s self expression, experience the unconditional mirroring of the parents, and identify feelings and issues that might otherwise remain unknown.