Professional Training

Dr. Lemare-Calaba offers private consultation and group training for professionals who wish to learn more about Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, QEEG Brain Mapping and/or Musical Overtone Feedback. CEU credits may be available for some classes.

Dr. Lemare-Calaba is a qualified mentor for the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) and is a faculty member of the American Neurofeedback Association (ANA.)  She is available for clinical supervision of BCIA candidates for an hourly fee.

Workshops are offered in Valley Village, CA and by request in other locations. Once a study group has been established, group meetings can continue over the internet (e.g., a group reviews a brain map.)

Please e-mail to inquire or sign up for one of the workshops below. Professionals are encouraged to gather groups of colleagues together and request personalized topics that meet their needs.

Workshop #1: The Frequency Model of the Nervous System
For health professionals who wish to conceptualize their clients through the lens of the autonomic and central nervous system. Teaches the frequency vibrations of the ANS and CNS.

Workshop #2:  Referring a Client for QEEG: How to Apply Your Client’s Individual or Family Brain Map to Case Conceptualization and Treatment
For professionals who want to understand when to refer clients for a QEEG brain map and how to use the results.

Workshop #3: What to Consider About Starting a Neurofeedback Practice
For professionals who wish to explore financial, educational, practical and clinical considerations.

Workshop #4: Fundamentals of QEEG Brain Mapping
For Neurofeedback professionals who want to add QEEG Brain Mapping to their practice.

Workshop #5: Musical Overtone Feedback as Auditory Reinforcement in Neurofeedback
For Neurofeedback professionals who want to learn the Musical Overtone Feedback method for use as auditory reinforcement in Neurofeedback.

Workshop #6: Using the Principles of Musical Overtone Feedback in Your Office and Work with Clients
For psychotherapists and other health practitioners who wish to learn techniques for integrating harmonic principles of musical resonance into their office and work with clients.

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