The Potential of Musical Sound in Psychotherapy: Interdisciplinary Synergy Toward a Comprehensive Paradigm of Health Psychology

Jeannine Lemare Calaba, Psy.,D
Clinical Doctoral Dissertation

Pepperdine University
Graduate School of Education and Psychology
June, 1991


The Power of Appreciation:
The Key to a Vibrant Life

Noelle C. Nelson, Ph.D., & Jeannine Lemare Calaba, Psy.D.

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HTML and audio CD

Expressing authentic appreciation changes the chemistry in your brain and shifts your focus from fear and resistance to ease and receptivity. It enlightens your experience of the world and the very nature of your relationships. This book walks you through the steps of becoming a proactive “Appreciator” and presents everyday examples that demonstrate the transformative impact.

Excerpts from Reviews on Amazon

“This book goes beyond just being grateful for things.”

“I think this book is life-changing.” If you apply this appreciation mentality to your own life, you feel yourself changing.”

“This book hits its stride when it examines how appreciation can transform the relationships in our lives. “

“Easy to read. Practical. Some mind-blowing science that backs up what is discussed. And the most amazing thing . . . it works!