Team Treatment with Other Primary Therapies

Dr. Lemare-Calaba frequently works with clients who have been referred for adjunctive treatment while they continue to see another primary health practitioner. In these cases, Dr. Lemare-Calaba becomes the adjunct therapist and focuses only on the treatment or evaluation that has been requested.

Examples of this might include: 1) a client seeing a neurologist is referred for a QEEG Brain Map; 2) a client seeing another psychologist for Psychotherapy is referred for Neurofeedback training; 3) a client seeing another psychologist for individual therapy is referred for Couples Biofeedback; 4) a client seeing a physician for medical management is referred for Biofeedback and stress management.

In these cases, clients are asked to sign a release of information so that all members of the team can consult with each other about treatment progress.

Team treatment can be a very effective way to address the whole clinical picture and facilitate self growth in different areas simultaneously.